Tuesday, May 30, 2006

when the world was still filled with...

i feel old when i can't believe in UFOs or the bigfoot anymore. when i see some amazing and fantastic articles or photographs, like the recent one about flying car found on Google map, i find myself enjoying it but not believing and being absolutely sure that there would be a perfectly scientific explanation of some kind, like optical illusion or a hoax.

thank god it's not completely hopeless yet. i can still draw worlds full of great and horrible monsters and beasts. it needs a bit of training, but after a while, i can completely detach myself from reality and get absorbed in the fantasy world. well, i still don't believe it, i don't think it's ever possible anymore unless i loose my sanity, but it's, well, quite fantastic. what's really interesting and exciting is that if you put enough efforts and thoughts in it, it starts breathing on its own, takes on its own life. all i have to do is observing and recording their lives, evolutions, and disasters they cause and go thru.



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