Friday, April 20, 2007

immigration in a nutshell

The global volume of immigration is high in absolute terms, but low in relative terms. The UN estimated 190 million international migrants in 2005, about 3% of global population. The other 97% still live in the state in which they were born, or its successor state. - Wikipedia

i was always an immigrant, even in my childhood in Korea. i always felt i had a true home different from what i had back then, and longed for my birthplace. it's been a few years since i finally returned to the home of my birth, the US, and still am an immigrant, probably more than ever. do i miss Korea? not likely, thanks to the Korean government INS officers and their services.

with this little typographic doodle, i don't intend to make a grand political statement. i am just fascinated by the notion of residency in this short excerpt and in this whole immigration/home/identity business.

Alltype Augustus Regular



At 4/25/07, 11:22 AM, Blogger Mia Lim said...

I admire your Free will of type settings. There's no fear and no rule applied (maybe there's no rule from the beginning) and it looks GREAT.
Welcome to type world :)

At 4/27/07, 5:28 PM, Blogger wonil said...

i never learned typography properly. and that makes me appear brave i guess. as Koreans say, brave are the ignorant. :-) but i'm enjoying playing with types, by now you probably know too well.


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