Wednesday, May 16, 2007


i know i have a bit serious case of paranoia. and when it hits me i'm usually able to tell that i'm having a paranoia attack. sometimes this paranoia attack is so intoxicating that i simply cannot stop it even though i clearly see the reality and am able to analyze the imagined threat/danger/pain/situation. i often think about the origin of this mental condition, thinking that if i can remember the beginning and confront it knowingly, i might just be able to get over it.

well, drawing doesn't help much, but it, paranoia, certainly is an interesting subject. not too happy about this drawing though.

color pencils, digital process, Giclèe



At 4/17/09, 6:33 PM, Blogger Leonard said...

dont rely too much on labeling it paranoia... call it shell isolation

At 10/19/10, 7:36 AM, Blogger yonic said...

i know that this is a post from a long time ago...

i found it when i searched the word paranoia in Google...

i think you did a great job...very powerful image.

thanks a lot.


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