Sunday, August 19, 2007


recently, strangely, many people told me that i needed to promote/market myself. so here is one of my attempts at it. i tried very hard to make it "nice." this one will be part of my new home page, i hope.

PS) been reading, or more like browsing through The End of Print by David Carson. it shows, doesn't it?



At 8/23/07, 1:28 PM, Blogger Kelly Light said...

Hey Wonil, Stay in touch! I would like to know where the road takes you. This promo piece looks great. I think it's important to get get feedback, such as people telling you to be more"nice"...or telling me I'm too "mass market"...but ultimately, we have to be who we are and draw how we draw... And stand in that spot and say back, This is who I am. Oh, and I meant to ask you if you ever saw the animated movie "fantastic planet" . Here's a link. The twins you draw reminded me of it. It's a weird trippy film but it's cool! Kelly


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