Friday, June 22, 2007

the widow found a baby

Illustration Friday: Rejection
this is a drawing i did for an assignment for a class at the School of Visual Arts. the assignment topic was Small VS Big and this was my submission, a small woman carrying a big baby. then it became a little story about this old widow in the town, one day, finding a baby in the field. she decides to keep and raise it. the baby keeps growing and growing until he becomes a giant monster. so the townsfolk drive them out of the town and they become wanderers, the baby on the back of the widow. eventually the baby and the widow find the baby's family of giants and they live together happily ever after. yeah, the story needs a bit more work.

brush pen, water color, digital processing



At 6/22/07, 8:18 AM, Blogger Diane Duda said...

beautiful work!

At 6/22/07, 4:58 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Great job wonil, and great story too!!, I think it will be a nice children story.

At 6/25/07, 11:39 AM, Blogger ihwanie said...

Love the story and the giant monster. he looks so "benign"?! Correct me if I am wrong on this word.

At 7/3/07, 6:05 AM, Blogger Narcolepsia said...

Amazing. Love your story and illustration. Hope to see more soon!

At 7/6/07, 8:31 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hi Wonil,
I really like your work.
and your blog.
Your work is much more complex than Tomie's and Sims's... a bit darker.
See you Weds.
-Liz Sayles


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